Anthony Joshua, Takam Disagree With Referee’s Stoppage Call

Anthony Joshua reacted to his stoppage of Carlos Takam by saying “I don’t have control” over officials’ decisions.

Referee Phil Edwards ended the world heavyweight title fight in the 10th round with Takam still standing.

“I have no interest for what’s going on with the officials,” Joshua said post-fight. “My job is the opponent.

“I don’t have control over the ref’s decision.

“It was a good fight until the ref stopped it. I have the upmost respect for Takam.”

Asked if he the referee’s decision was correct, Takam said: “I don’t think so. I want the rematch if Anthony gives me it.

‘I don’t know why it was stopped’ Carlos Takam says he does not understand why the fight was stopped against Anthony Joshua and is seeking a rematch in the future.

Joshua suffered a suspected broken nose in the second round after a collision of heads but said: “Imagine if it’s broke and I couldn’t breathe and he started catching up in the middle rounds? It would have been a disaster, so I kept my cool.

“You have to control these situations because, if I showed any signs of weakness, the ref could have jumped in.” Anthony Joshua speak on broken nose.


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