Breaking News: President Trump wanted something in return for me to keep my job – James Comey

FBI Director James Comey testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Russian Intelligence Activities on Capitol Hill in Washington, (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

The former Director of Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, James Comey has revealed in a current live television broadcast that President Donald Trump’s reasons for sacking him doesn’t make any sense to him.

James Comey made this statement during the Senate Intelligence Committee probing that is presently on-going.

While giving his statement after the US Senators gave him the ground to speak, Comey said he knows the President of the United States have the right to sack an FBI director with or without reasons, even though an FBI director’s tenure is expected to last for 10-years. But various reasons given by President Trump in public and close quarter made him worry.

He told the US Senate that before Donald Trump became President and after he became President, Donald Trump praised him several times on different occasions, telling Comey that he has spoken about him to many people, and they all had nothing but good word to say about him.

The live broadcast which is being monitored by Straightfromnaija.comis a probe into the allegation of Russia hacking into the United States system during the 2017 election in November. gathered from the probe that Comey didn’t write a memo during a conversation with former President Bush, President Obama -when they were in office – because the cases were not linked to them. But with President Donald Trump, he needed to write down a memo for every meeting, because he might give a non-truthful representation of their meeting someday.

The former FBI Director said, “I thought there might be a day i needed record meeting with President Trump”

Comey, whose sacking raised a lot of dust, said to the Senate Intelligence Committee that, while he was the Director of FBI, President Trump wanted something in return for him to keep his job, “He (President Donald Trump) was expecting something in return for me to keep my (FBI) job”


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