Prayer Is Not The Solution To Nigeria’s Problems

Some days ago, my sister and I had an interesting conversation on the phone, which resulted to her saying I’m not as religious as I used to be – all because I said I wasn’t going to attend the just concluded Camp programme of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG.

After arguing back and forth about it, we bid our farewell and the conversation ended. This conversation of course, is one of many that we have every first week of every month.

Always probing why I don’t go to Church like I used to, and the answer always remain the same, ‘Nothing!; which of course always doesn’t go down well with her.

She’s a believer that Church is a solution ground and prayer is the key to every problem on earth; a die-hard PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens) fan.

But She’s not the only supporter of PUSH, majority of the Christian folks in Nigeria are passengers of this bandwagon that sees those who refuse to board as ‘insane and unreligious’.

For over 10-years, I’ve been a member of RCCG. Years back, every month, I defy sleep to attend the Holy Ghost service. During those programmes, there’s a special prayer section dedicated for Nigeria ONLY.

Mummy G.O always handle this section, rolling out prayer points for Nigeria, for hours we pray for Nigeria, yet nothing changes; year-in-year-out, we go through this routine, and get the same results.

Listening to tens of prayer points in a painstaking manner, defying sleep, with an empty stomach and weak knees begging that we sit, we pray, pray and pray, while our leaders are busy cutting a chunk from the national cake.

We have been computerised to believe that prayer is the only solution to our problem. But along the line, events occurring within the country makes it look like the more we pray, the more God punish us.

Over the years, we have prayed for better leaders to paddle our rocky Nation, but all we get is Olusegun Obasanjo, Umaru Yar’Adau, Goodluck Jonathan and as if the punishment is not enough, God gave us President Muhammadu Buhari on a platter of Gold to further dig holes into a sinking ship.

If prayer is the solution to all problem, and someone correctly stated that citizens of a country get the leaders they deserve, does that mean despite our prayers for a better leader, God thinks we deserve the opposite?

If prayer is the answer to every problem, then why do we experience constant bomb blast, kidnapping, ritualist attacks, economic recession and many more devastating events that have bedridden our great Nation?

With all the churches within the Country, Nigeria should be experiencing an ambience of heaven on earth, instead, we are experiencing a inkling of hell.

The answer is simple. Prayer is not the solution to Nigeria’s problem, we are! – because, as it stands now, Nigeria is a perfect example that prayer is not the answer to every problem in life.

The problem that has entangled this country is not spiritual, rather physical. Praying for Nigeria’s problems is like placing a square peg in a round hole.

The RCCG holy ghost service just ended, it’s certain that another set of prayer points were rolled out for Nigeria and it ailing President who has been away from the country for more than 90-Days (there have been three months holy ghost service during his medical leave, but the President is still having bed rest!)

This shows that the country’s problem is beyond prayers. Recently, five major Nigerian Pastors made the list for Forbes richest Pastors in the World, which means the Ministry is growing financially, but how come the prayers are not affecting the country and people – this scenario is like a country that boast the best economy in the world, but the growth is not affecting the citizens.

Pastor Tunde Bakare attempted to win the Presidential election with Muhammadu Buhari, he failed; does that mean God didn’t answer his prayers? – Another Pastor, Yemi Osinbajo is the Vice President of our Country, yet Nigeria is going from bad to worse; does that mean he’s not praying in Aso Rock or God has refused to answer his prayers?

Several Churches have collapsed in Nigeria, with several lives lost, why didn’t God inform the Pastors that tragedy is about to happen? But it’s widely known that, according to inquest by coroners, the engineers of these buildings went against the warnings of the State, changing their building plans midway.

If necessary things are not put in place, no amount of prayers will stop the impending doom.

We have to start looking beyond Churches and prayers for our solution. The Westerners introduced Christianity to Nigeria, but they don’t depend on the church or prayers to develop their country. Their citizens don’t run to Church to pray for better leaders, they vote for better leaders. They don’t report their leaders to God, they investigate their leaders. When their leaders are too sick to lead, they demand in one voice that such leader should step down.

Prayer is not the solution to Nigeria’s problems, we are!



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