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Rapper, MI Reveals Why He Can’t Write Songs About Clubs Again

The rapper’s first major single, ‘Crowd Mentality’ was released in 2007 and he believes his achievements in the first five years since he moved to Lagos remain remarkable.

During a recent chat, the ‘Number One’ rapper was asked about what’s happening to his music career which took a step back since he became CEO of Chocolate City Music.

‘I’m 10 years in the industry since my first song in Lagos,’ he said. ‘It is an ultimate compliment to me that I’m being compared to people like Olamide, Phyno, and Ice Prince that came out after me.’

‘Think about M.I’s first five years,’ he said with a big smile on his face.

When the rapper continued, he explained how getting old, and his role as a CEO has made it tougher to keep up as a brand.

‘As you get older, you get tired of saying some things,’ M.I stated during the candid conversation. ‘It’s very hard for me to go and write a song about being in the club.’

‘At a certain point as an artiste, you prefer to listen to a young boy talk about ‘Jaiye’ than an old artiste.’

M.I took over the managerial role of CCM from Audu Maikori in 2015.

The announcement was first made at the third Nigerian Entertainment Conference in Lagos.

‘The CEO work has been harder than I thought, it has taken time from me. As a brand it becomes tougher to keep up.

‘I have like five projects in my head and my heart, then I want to live because I’m also getting older.

‘So when I get those project (as a musician) done, I will evaluate, maybe that will be the end.

‘But getting those projects out are my focus right now, when I get there I will see what happens.’


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