VIDEO: Man Nailed On Trees Over Real Estate Business

The US Police have rescued a man named Jose Duran whose two hands were nailed to a tree in the forest area of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

According to Breitbart News website, a city worker (who preferred not be named) discovered Duran with both hands nailed to a tree and screaming for help.

“He kept yelling, ‘Help. Help,’ and so I came and I saw him and I kind of freaked out because I didn’t know if there was any other guys around,” the city worker told police.

Breitbart further reports that a police officer who followed the city worker to the forest finally found Duran nailed to a tree, still conscious, breathing, and groaning in pain.

The officer immediately called for paramedic rescue.

However, Duran initially refused to tell the officer his name but finally gave some details about how he ended up there.

He claimed two men were sent that day to threaten and scare him after he was involved in an ugly real estate deal, which he says is all laid out in documents.

Duran later took journalists to the exact same spot where more than a dozen first responders worked to set him free.

Police have however said they didn’t suspect this was a payback for crime or a cartel-related punishment.

It said Duran does not have a criminal record, but he did have a long-running court battle over a real estate issue.

Police have also not made any arrests in the case yet.

See video below:


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