Trending: Yahoo: Nigerians Criticise Efe For Comment

Winner of 2017 Big Brother Naija, Efe

A former BBNaija winner, Efe, has come under attack for wadding into a recent trending topic on Twitter.

In a recent tweet, the rapper shared a poll asking “Yahoo boys bring money into the economy, Politicians steal money and take it out of our economy. Nigerians please who is justified?”

The tweet however did not go well for some of his fans on twitter as some saw it as a means of justifying corruption.

Geeman (@genxys), commented in the thread saying “You have to delete this post. This is very unreasonable from someone looked upon by a number of young ones out there. You don’t celebrate criminality, you condemn it. Disgusted already.

Dissatisfied by his comment, another fan Trust issues‏ (@AnthonyVine) aired out his dissatisfaction.

“Coming from you efe I just realized I wasted my money to vote for you. Have you seen the way they treat Nigerians at the airport?” he said.

“Neither. Theft is theft, “Seyi (@ThreeLeftThumbs) replied his tweet. “Imagine waking up and not finding your winnings in your account and being told that it has been used to enrich the economy of another poorer country.” Seyi added.

The topic on Yahoo boys and ill-gotten wealth became a social media discuss after a Nigerian blogger, Noble Igwe, on Saturday, called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to intensify its operations on financial crimes culprits.

While urging the security apparatus to station themselves at locations where these culprits usually spend their ‘ill-gotten’ wealth, Mr Igwe also mentioned businesses used to launder these monies.

Record label, real estate, auto dealers, “are major419/fraud fronts in Nigeria,” Mr Igwe said in a Twitter update at 11:20 p.m.

His series of Tweets did not leave the media out.

“To make the county better, we all (have) a role to play and we can start by making changes in our neighborhood. Media has to do a better balanced job,” he said.

Comments have continued to pour in on Twitter with various angles to the argument.

Reno Omokri, a social media commentator, took a political twist to it.

“EFCC arrested Yahoo boys at Club 57. But isn’t Yahoo obtaining by trickery? Buhari obtained the @NGRPresident by trickery. He gave Nigerians fraudulent promises he never intended to keep such as ₦40 fuel and making ₦1 equal to $1. EFCC should face Buhari, the real Yahoo Man!,” he said.

Using a line from Small Doctor’s street-tailored single “Penalty”, Ohimai Godwin Amaize took a social angle to the argument.

“As long as being poor is a crime in Nigeria, as long as people are disrespected for being poor and told by the society they live in that: “If you no get money, hide your face”, then we are joking about ending ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ and corruption!,” he said.


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